Stroker Psychological Associates, PLLC
Charlotte, North Carolina

We provide comprehensive psychodynamic psychotherapy for adolescents, young adults, adults, and families to forge a healthy path forward.
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Dr. Robert B. Stroker, PsyD

Executive Director & Owner
Over his 15+ years as a psychologist, Dr. Robert B. Stroker has developed key strategies to best serve his clients and help them achieve their goals. Dr. Stroker approaches each client with unconditional positive regard. He is empathic and supportive, yet direct and focused. He uses humor often and laughs a lot.

Dr. Stroker believes that every experience in our biographical timeline contributes to who we are today. These experiences shape the way we view the world and how we tolerate feelings and relate to others. One main goal in therapy is to identify and change maladaptive patterns and to gain insight to what motivates us.

Psychotherapy Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy makes use of the therapeutic relationship to understand, analyze and process through our past. It is particularly helpful in recognizing and changing lifelong patterns of behavior. This process often involves identifying feelings as they arise and learning to express them adaptively in the moment.
In addition to our psychodynamic approach, we supplement treatment with forms of CBT, Mindfulness and Virtual Reality meditation. This modality is available in-person and virtually. Feel free to ask about our approach.
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Family Psychotherapy

We utilize a Family Systems model and help to identify maladaptive family patterns. Family therapy can complement individual work to create lasting change in the individual and family dynamic.
In family therapy, we strive to understand generational family dynamics and how they impact current functioning and relationships. This modality is available in-person and virtually. Feel free to ask about our approach.
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